Jul 12, 2009

sailor chibi-dork

i promise i tried to help it for obvious reasons.
  • this blog is for pretending i have a life and looking cool.
  • one day people will be reading this stuff. one day i will have fans.
  • if i write too much at first it'll be depressing when the posting grows sparser.
  • i'm mature enough to be comfortable with my love for sailor moon [not anime in general], but there are limits.
  • deluded bag of nonsense, sprinkle with futility and serve hot.
so here. me in future japan gig outfit. i said gig outfit. exquisitely tailored too, not all poofy and grotesque. let this much be clear: i loathe anime cosplay. they have it all wrong. as a kid, i used to cry at night because i had no place in the fleshless, tantalizing, excruciatingly beautiful visual realm of sailor moon. dressing up as a sailor senshi doesn't make you one. nor does it make you 2d. i realized that early on. i realized the best i could do was hone my manga drawing skills ['cause bad fan art is blasphemy], learn japanese ['cause the way we all sang along to those intros in a made-up language cracks me up to this day], and grow up to be an anime creator myself. got the first two down cold. waiting to grow up.

disclaimer: haven't used paint since i was 12 and started feeling too old for it.

i tried not to be redundant with the hairstyle and colours, while staying true to the concept - as i've embraced it: the demure sparingness of the first series, not the baroque shit they contrived later on to sell more. tango shoes, slick. could've made a magic wand of that mic, though.
  • my transformation: lovers' quarrel power, make up!
  • my attack: self-indulgent princess music p.m.s. wail!
  • upgrade i gain in my own special episode: boosting the attack with tobacco-induced hoarseness and bad breath

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