Jul 11, 2009

no introductions

i'm socially awkward and not good with names. especially my own. choosing one of three based on what kind of thing my first impression of you tells me we're likely to develop, saying it out loud without stuttering, and explaining its origin and/or pronunciation. why this, interesting that. repeating it. without stuttering. takes too long. and for picking the wrong name for a cherished-to-be autograph i'd almost end up not getting because of name-choice related cold feet, i may live to witness myself telling a couple of tired and embarrassed klaxons how it's actually a nickname. no wait, a stage name. better yet, how i'll be opening for them in say 2 years. oh also, that i write songs - how many really good ones have i? around 10 - and being looked at [by humblingly stern jamie - a tough pill he'd be to swallow without james' sugar *retarded screams of adoration*], rightfully too, like i'm a deluded bag of nonsense. and wishing i'd just said one instead. or none. or "i wanna have your babies". or "meow". or that i were dead. so i'd rather we did no introductions. but don't get me wrong. i do want to be friends.

1 comment:

  1. yeah, that's why i've chosen 'nancy' as a nickname... cause noone's shocked by it:))

    jamie is the suga' in that band..yes, sir!