Jul 23, 2009

makizushi bliss

i've finally, finally, finally put together that sushi. literally. mom cooked the rice. i just rolled it. and ate it with my boyfriend. i'm a tsukino usagi of sorts - my food looks sloppy but tastes great. better than restaurant sushi. i realize that's a coarse remark. but you know, they made sushi an art and then invented the sushi robot. japan, land of contradictions. i love you.

leechu roll ingredients:
  • rice [short-grain, also known as normal in romania]
  • vinegar [apples and wine]
  • white sugar
  • table salt
  • nori [they have it at kaufland]
  • strips of parsnip overboiled in sugar water [and i mean overboiled]
  • strips of raw cucumber [a classic]
  • shredded tuna [drain as much oil out as possible, spread thinly on top of the rice]
  • cooling the rice with a fan does pay off.
  • the roll should be a closed circle, not a spyral. and don't worry - the nori will stick.
  • japan does rule. they're just overrated for all the wrong reasons and therefore underrated.

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