Oct 1, 2009

ode to meds

look, a psychiatrist! oh yeah, seeing a psychiatrist pays off.

meds will give you solace

meds will give you strength
meds will fill the gap when you are kept at arm's length
meds will keep you sheltered
meds will keep you fed
meds will tuck you in when it's time to go to bed
there's no need to cry when it's time to go to bed
for meds will keep you steady
focused yet aloof
meds will never let your demons break out through the roof
lullabyes and battle songs
warm and pretty sweaters
books and tea and friends
dead wise old men of letters
whatsoever they can do, meds can do it better


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  3. Well, dupa cum am auzit-o pe buna-mea spunandu-mi ceva de mi-a pocnit creier-u-n paispe, "Totul se rezolva cu pastile"...

  4. Meds will keep you leveled, though you should be in pain,
    Meds will stop the hurting, still the stabs remain.

    Meds will make you crazy, meds will make you ill,
    Not in terms of feeling, but in feeling still.

    Meds will numb you over, how can light be found
    When your eyes have not met darkness, still to darkness bound.

    Wounds that leave no traces, burns that you can't feel?
    They will still contort your body, doomed to never heal.

    Do not take the shortcut, bad as it may be,
    Meds will get you nowhere, one day you will see.

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